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How many times do we look outside an airplane window and imagine ourselves jumping through the clouds? That was Adriana’s inspiration for this shawl, also known as “sky carpaccio”. A photograph of the sky is silk-screened onto one of the two surfaces; both contain cashmere and are stitched together creating a layer of air that gives this shawl a unique touch and feel. People will be able to feel the sky and wrap themselves in it! (2015)


A clear sky and 350 Swarovski crystals teams up to build “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”. You can search for Orion’s belt in this “sky” the same way you do in the real one. In the former, made of cashmere, it can be seen every night. With this creation process, Adriana learned the many other worldwide names for Orion’s belt: Three Kings, Three Sisters and As Tres Marias. (2015)


Bees are master architects and Adriana took the challenge in constructing her own honeycomb out of two deconstructed cashmere shawls, creating this mathematically precise “marvel of nature”. The hundreds of cells comprising a honeycomb are used to raise young bees and for storage of honey and pollen. This masterpiece is at the same time sweet and desirable. When folded and stored in its wooden box, it looks ordinary which is another unexpected aspect of her creation. (2015)


Connecting the pleasure of wearing a uniquely noticeable shawl with a message of freedom, this piece brings a smile and puts into discussion the existence of zoos. The person becomes the animal that was gratefully taken out of his cage and brought into freedom, now living among “humans”. (2016)


Often a “forbidden candy”, and the object of desire of children and adults, it transports you back to great childhood moments. Not only the color, but the perfect shape of cotton candy creates the unexpected similarity with the shawl. (2016)


The total look of denim jeans inspired the Indigo Blusão shawl. Dyeing the neutral color and pure cashmere piece using indigo leaves, it took 6 months to achieve the desired tone of Indigo. (2015)


Adriana is fascinated by the traditional “Cafés do Brasil” coffee bags. When she saw the very rare handspun and handloom cashmere shawl, she immediately associated it with the classic coffee bag. And to her surprise, the two had the exact same measurements. The Jute and Cashmere touches are two opposites; one is extremely rough and the other is very soft. In this piece, people will notice visual similarities and explore the amazingly different textures. (2016)


Silkworm cocoons are represented by hundreds of pockets filled with raw cashmere.The larva that creates the marvelous cocoon, the source of silk threads, is “played” here by the goat,that gives us the raw cashmere, the source of the cashmere thread. (2016)


Adriana appreciates the simple beauty of flowers in a vase. “Flower vase” echoes the accent flowers give to a house with the accessories worn by a person. (2015)


A walking furry Panda is Adriana’s first memory of a gift from her father. Enchanted by its cuteness and movements, it was her favorite toy, until batteries forgotten inside the Panda melted and destroyed her joy. She could never forgive herself for this mistake and became a Panda lover. To bring her great memories back, she created a Panda shawl with the same moving capacities but no batteries required! (2016)


Thinking about a solution for cold relief, both indoors and outdoors, Adriana created Snug Facts. A pill that should always be kept handy, Snug Facts eases the discomfort caused by low temperatures. Inside the special packaging with the “Drug” description, you will find a cashmere shawl, suitable for many occasions. (2015)


The experiment of mixing cashmere yarn from Mongolia with metal sourced from Calcutta (Kolkata) / India, made Adriana excited about the possibility of creating soft and eternal pieces of jewelry. “Olympic podium” achieves the perfect tone of gold, silver and bronze medals. (2016)