URBAN FLOW: New art exhibition opens on June 7th

      We are proud to announce the new partnership between our designer Adriana Lerner and the photographer Eduardo Rezende.   The URBAN FLOW art exhibition opens  June 7th in Rio de Janeiro and will be on view  until the end of July at the Rio Design Center.

     The partnership between Adriana Lerner and Eduardo Rezende started in 2017 when they first met in Miami. The immediate synchronicity of their partnership rose from their conversation about the art piece Fluxos, by Daniel Wurtzel installed in the “Museu do Amanha” in Rio de Janeiro, their city of birth.  They were both fascinated by the unforgettable flow of fabrics, generated by the air vortice created by the artist.  (vortice de ar). Eduardo, as a photographer, registered the effects of the art piece during his visit to the museum. Adriana, that creates art pieces made of cashmere shawls, dreamed about replacing the polyester fabric of the installation by one of her ultra-light and translucent creation.  

     Adding their dreams, talents, a camera and the wind they produced a mosaic formed by 23 photographs of colored cashmere shawls on black background that was part of the “Take Your Art For a Walk” exhibition during Miami Art Basel at BOSSA Gallery in Miami Design District.

    For the new series called URBAN FLOW, Eduardo captured the super light Arrivals Gate shawls on the windy streets of Miami in front of houses or walls specially curated for this project.  Besides the camera, their only other “tool” was really the natural flow of wind. And a lot of run! No ladders, no photo shop.  With this series, the two artists merged Eduardo’s series of “The Nomad And The Houses” with Adriana’s “Unexpected Cashmere” collection and captured their passions for the flow of fabrics and colors on their own special way.

    During the exhibition, the visitors will be challenged to guess what is a shadow and what is a shawl in some photos, besides encountering the element of surprise of curious shapes formed by the combination of wind and shawls.


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