Snug Facts Basic Line - Light Lilas Pink

Snug Facts Basic Line - Light Lilas Pink


Composition: 100% cashmere
Size: 28 x 80 in.

This eco-friendly cashmere shawl is hand spun and woven from the ultra-soft and fleecy hair from the chest, neck and under-belly of goats that live in the high altitudes of the Himalayan mountains. It is very soft, warm, lightweight and durable. It takes days to produce this special shawl. Comes with a custom 6' x 9' tyvek case that is light, small, waterproof and washable. Can be hung outside small purses /backpacks.

Made in Kathmandu, Nepal

Dry Clean Only

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Snug Facts Packaging For Basic Line

It is always good to have a cashmere shawl handy year round.  We have created this cool bag to make it easy for people to protect and carry their basic shawl around. The packaging is a 9 x 6 in. Tyvek “pillow case” format bag with a metal key chain. The bag is waterproof, machine washable, can be hung outside small purses / backpacks.